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Brain trauma rehabilitation takes a number of different forms, and may be short-term, or a lifelong commitment. Different brain trauma rehabilitation methods are used depending upon the severity of injury and individual goals of the patient. Brain trauma rehabilitation for a mildly injured patient, for instance, may focus on resumption of all normal tasks; brain trauma rehabilitation for severely injured people will usually have much different goals. The methods and goals of brain trauma rehabilitation also differ depending upon the age of the patient, with a child’s brain trauma rehabilitation often incorporated into the school setting and focusing on maximizing learning ability.

Various aspects of brain trauma rehabilitation include improving verbal and motor skills, correcting memory and cognitive disorders, and more. Different brain trauma rehabilitation approaches may be required depending upon the extent and range of damage, and certain brain trauma rehabilitation steps may be concurrent or consecutive. In most cases, persons with TBI begin their brain trauma rehabilitation almost immediately, with most programs initiated while the patient is still in the hospital. Some brain trauma rehabilitation, however, requires that the patient spend time recovering from the trauma before beginning a brain trauma rehabilitation regimen..

The cost of brain trauma rehabilitation can be astronomical—the average lifetime cost for a severe TBI case to receive brain trauma rehabilitation can reach $2 million. This figure does not include lost earnings, or the cost of brain trauma rehabilitation supplied by family members or loved ones. If injury occurred through the fault of other parties, brain trauma rehabilitation costs may be their responsibility. In addition, victims may be eligible for non-economic damages, since brain trauma rehabilitation and the associated injuries places enormous emotional and mental strain on victims. Attorneys familiar with brain trauma rehabilitation may be able to help you determine the best course of action for yourself and your loved ones.

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